Marvel Heroes’ latest patch is serving up some new experiences for those who’ve already saved the world from Doctor Doom. Patch 1.11 which is set to go live sometime in late July (aka within the next week) will introduce the first of a series of game updates coming this summer.

The upcoming patch is primarily focused on adding new end game content including “Ultimate” items which enhance a heroes ultimate powers along with new PvP and end-game modes for those looking to continue spreading justice. A new currency called Eternity Splinters is being added which will offer players an alternative way to earn playable heroes in-game. Previously, players could earn new heroes outside of purchasing them by collecting hero tokens which drop randomly from enemies.

Previously, players only needed one token to earn a new hero, but the tokens were extremely rare and could only be redeemed for whatever hero they were for. With the new system, players will be able to collect splinters from downed enemies which can then be used to purchase a desired hero. These splinters will have a much higher drop rate than tokens and should allow players to slowly unlock desired heroes at a steady pace instead of sporadically.

Speaking of heroes, new heroes including the Human Torch will continue to be added, further fleshing out the roster.

Later this fall, Gazillion Entertainment will be sending players off planet to the realm of Asgard, Marvel Heroes first new zone. Home to famous faces like Thor and Loki, Asgard will present players with a brand new story arc along with even more new modes and end-game content to tackle. More details regarding the expansion are said to be revealed later this year.

All in all this represents a small drop in the bucket for what Gazillion has planned for the open world ARPG. For more information regarding upcoming changes for Marvel Heroes be sure to check out the latest dev blog here.


  1. To bad this game has a crap engine behind it… I’ve seen players who can run Rift, Aion, DCUO, and even TERA who seem to get 5-10fps in this game.

    I don’t know why, but something about it makes it bog the crap out of PC resources.

  2. You will be able to ACTUALLY earn free heroes so don’t worry. Then again, they said it last time that heroes will drop more frequently & my level 30 hero (Storm) never saw another one besides the freebie ones you get as you do the story quests. I’ll play when this patch is live. Looking forward to it living up to what they said it would be like!


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