A few weeks ago, we learned that Guild Wars 2 Game Director Mike Zadorojny had left ArenaNet back in November — a fact that was unknown to the general public for several months. Now we’ve got some information on where he’s gone, and it might signify a reunion with another prominent ArenaNet alumnus.

As Massively Overpowered found out, Zadrojny’s LinkedIn profile has been updated to indicate that he’s been working at Amazon Games Studios since November as the Live Operations Product Manager for Crucible, the upcoming battle royale game. There has still been no official word from ArenaNet regarding Zadorojny’s departure or John Taylor’s appointment to replace him.

As it turns out, Zadorojny isn’t the first former Guild Wars 2 Game Director to join AGS. The man he replaced in the role on a permanent basis (not counting Mike O’Brien’s stint as game director), Colin Johanson, went from ArenaNet to Amazon back in 2016, and is currently listed on LinkedIn as “Franchise Lead at Amazon Game Studios.” That gives no indication as to what game he’s working on, whether it be Crucible, New World, or something else (like whatever John Smedley is doing), but we’d imagine he and Zadorojny have at least swapped a few stores over the past few months.



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