Former Producer Stephan Frost Answered Community Questions On The Day Of WildStar's Closing

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Today is the last day of WildStar. As we all know now, it had its issues, but few people had better insight into those issues than Stephan Frost. He was the design producer for Carbine Studios' flagship game, though he left the company shortly after WildStar's launch in 2014.

He's now working on an announced title for Nexon, but last night, he started fielding questions from followers and fans of WildStar. We've grabbed some of the best, or at least the most informative, and reprinted them below. You can view Frost's original thread and read all the replies here.

To continue that thread, when asked where the directive came from:

That last one, ouch. Just don't be this guy and have no idea how money and businesses work.

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