Redhill Games, a company based in Helsinki and headed by veteran game developers with ties to Wargaming and Remedy (among others), announced the launch of open beta for the company’s first game today. The game, a new shooter named Nine to Five, enters an open beta weekend tomorrow on Steam. The beta will run through February 14, giving players time to experience the 3v3v3 combat the game offers.

Nine to Five is set in the near future where mercenaries work under the rule of mega-corporations. Each of the game’s matches feature three phases. Each prior phase influences the next, and players either need to learn to adapt or get out of the way.

To sign up for the beta weekend, players need to go to the Nine to Five website.

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  1. I played in some of their tests, even way back in 2020 and the game is just not either good or fun. The gameplay is a slog, gunplay is a pain to deal with, making a mistake that causes you to die is very punishing and you have to wait forever until the round ends so you can play again. The maps are ridiculously large and confusing to navigate. The game modes, which are just 2 AFAIK, are really cryptic, confusing and boring. The visuals of the game look rather cheap and washed out. Overall, I find the game to be very niche, bad and boring. I don’t expect many people to play it or call it good.

    • Played in some tests and I can honestly agree, it will have a dedicated fanbase and I might give it a try when it is fully released.


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