Forsaken World Demon Freedom Falls

Freedom’s fallen and it can’t get up!

Perfect World Entertainment has just announced that the newest expansion for Forsaken World, Freedom Falls, will go live on Feb. 4. It adds the sinister demon race and debuff-focused tormentor class, and even lets players embark on the path to godhood via the Apotheosis progression path.

Players will also have lots of new territory to explore, from the cunningly titled Land of Origination, which sounds like a new starting area, to the Polar Borderlands region — bring your parkas! Or at least your fire magic.

If you’re of the opinion that it’s the little things that count, the announcement also states that Freedom Falls is “optimized for player quality of life including a redesigned UI, smoothed skill training, and a new set of instances and events.” With improvements like this, it seems Forsaken World isn’t so forsaken after all.


  1. The gameplay was stiff and with so many freebies , you get almost no sense of progression. Also it literally took forever to queue for a dungeon. I liked the queeue system but it would just take too long for Pug and when you did get in a group. healer is like lvl 10 or tank is only equiped in fashion clothes and no actual stat gear…. either case, ill give this game another go because the community was decent.. again I said WAS decent.. lets see

  2. stopped playing it cause of the grind and i realized that they made warriors skills look so boring while a rogue at my level has so many baddas moves


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