The day long expected has finally arrived. Fornite: Save the World, the nearly forgotten PvE component to the massively more popular free-to-play battle royale version, has finally launched. It was initially touted as being in paid early access for an eventual free-to-play launched, but now neither of those are true, as Epic Games announced today that it was both shedding its early access label and going buy-to-play permanently with a price tag of $20.

There’s also a new piece of content in the works: Ventures, which take place a seasonal-themed zone and have scaling challenges based on your experience level. Save the World’s seasonal events will also rotate on their own schedule, separate from Battle Royale’s. That might be all that Save the World fans see for a while, though, as Epic said that “Development of new content will slow down after this official release.”

If you purchased a base Founder’s Pack for Save the World, you’ll receive all the bonuses of the Ultimate Edition Founder’s Pack, while owners of that edition will receive the new Metal Team Leader Pack and 8,000 V-Bucks. The Metal Team Leader Pack will be available starting Thursday and includes a variety of new items and challenges to be completed.

Going buy-to-play also means that we’ll no longer cover Save the World here on MMOBomb, though we probably should have predicted this a while ago. (Maybe we did? I’m too lazy to look back at old podcasts.) Considering its relative lack of development and marketing since Battle Royale exploded onto the scene, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that StW never quite fulfilled its earlier promises. Epic’s got much more on its plate now and it just doesn’t make sense to give StW the resources it might have demanded if it had been the company’s flagship title.


  1. Waste of money to pay for it, because it will be forgotten content less and dead like previous promised games like their dead moba , i dont like any battle royale games and games like counter strike, i not understand the fun of playing same all the time over and over and alone, its not real multiplayer, you dont know random ppl and playing separately and alone , I like co op teamplay games but not this boredom, so wish all braindead royales die like moba genre did !

  2. Considering the millions they make from fortnite, making people buy the lackluster STW content seems like a bit of a dick move to be fair lol


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