Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have always made good use of its vast repository of lore for Star Trek Online. In the game’s next expansion, Victory is Life, you’ll hear many familiar voices in the corridors of Deep Space 9, and today four more actors were announced as joining the cast. They are:

  • Chase Masterson/Leeta, who’s lent her voice to STO several times, but only as a hologram or Mirror Universe counterpart of Leeta. She’ll finally have the chance to play the “real” Bajoran ex-dabo girl, who’s enjoying life as the wife of …
  • Max Grodenchik/Rom, who stumbled into the job of Grand Nagus and now has “a big part to play” in the upcoming adventures.
  • Bumper Robinson/Dukan’Rex, who played a young Jem’hadar in the episode “The Abandoned” and now returns to DS9 as an Elder First of the Jem’hadar.
  • and Salome Jens, who played the female Changeling and de facto leader of the Dominion, who’s been in Federation custody since the end of the Dominion War.

    Learn more about the cast of Victory is Life on the Star Trek Online page.


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