Frankenstein Comes To War Thunder In The “Alpha Strike” Update

The update adds dozens of new military vehicles to the game.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

War Thunder Frankenstein

Today, Gaijin Entertainment released the “Alpha Strike” content update in War Thunder. This new update introduces quite a few new vehicles to the strategy war game, including an M60 120S tank named “Frankenstein”. The update also includes the European Alpha Jet attack aircraft, an American F-20A Tigershark fighter jet, and the Chinese infantry fighting vehicle – the ZBD-04A. The new tank is a prototype that mixes the Abrams tank turret with the M60 hull. It also features a modern 120 mm cannon and a heavy machine gun.

As for the European Alpha Jet, it was created in the 1970s and exported to a couple dozen countries. It’s still used in France and by the Nigerian Air Force. The Chinese BMP ZBD-04A is equipped with a 100-mm cannon launcher and a coaxial 33-mm autocannon.

In addition to the vehicles above, the update also introduces a new Hungarian aviation subtree. A new map has been added as well – the North Holland map. The update also includes other improvements and new content.

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