Free-To-Play Harry Potter: Magic Awakened MMO Is Available To Play Now

Here ya' go, Potter-heads.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is now available on iOS, Android, and PC (however, the PC client only links to Netease's mobile version of the game currently, not the WB Games global version). You can link your PC account to your mobile device to play on both devices (NetEase version only at the time of this writing, the global version is mobile only at the moment). It's a free-to-play MMO, though the MMO part might be a bit liberal since our Editor-in-Chief Magickmann checked it out and likened it more to a highly shard-divided multiplayer game.

NetEase is the developer behind Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and was specifically developed with mobile in mind. Players can create their own witch or wizard, visit Diagon Alley, and attend Hogwarts.

There are over 70 spells available through a deck-building system that translates over to combat. Players play cards to do damage in wand duels and combine their cards for higher impact. Players can take part in PvP duels or complete raids and participate in mini-games.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has been very popular in China, so we'll have to see if Potter fans in the rest of the world embrace the game.

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