Today is a sad day for fans of Funcom games as the company’s Game Director Romain ‘Tilty’ Amiel has revealed plans to move on. Amiel made the announcement via the Funcom forums today, stating that after nearly 11 years at Funcom, he’s “decided to follow up on other opportunities.”

Hey Everyone!

Today was my last day at Funcom. After almost 11 years (8 of these on TSW!), I’ve decided to follow up on other opportunities.

My top priorities over the last few months was always to ensure the proper release and quality of Dawn of the Morninglight. I’m really glad this went well and it seems that you’ve all been enjoying the new content (even if it felt a bit short… I know!).

Now that this is out of the way, I feel at peace handing the torch over to Chris Meredith, who you might know as @Nirvelle, to lead the ship and ensure the bright (and by bright, I mean in the darkest tentacular Cthulhuesque meaning of the word) future of Secret World Legends. Chris has always been a source of great ideas, and I have no doubts that he will take good care of the game and of you guys, the best community any MMO ever had!

It’s very weird saying good-bye, after being a part of the Secret World for so long. It’s a fantastic universe that I genuinely love. It has so many stories to tell still and there is so much left to explore. I feel privileged to have gotten the chance to be a part of it. I’m proud to say that we’ve pushed the boundaries of what the MMO genre has done in terms of story-telling and immersion (rainbow unicorn masks aside maybe?).

We have more stories planned to expand on the South African lore and legends, and more updates to follow. I’m excited to play through that new content as a player myself in the future, and I trust Chris to help the team deliver quality updates.

It’s been an absolute pleasure sharing this universe with all of you! And remember the teachings of Marquard: “We are all made of Stars!”

Romain / Tilty

Romain is a well known face among Secret World Legends fans, often appearing on Dev Streams, and overseeing any walkthroughs that those of us in the press were lucky enough to be part of. He’s also the brain behind one of my favorite old school Secret World quests.. The Raven.

Of course, none of us really know what this means for the future of Secret World Legends — although, as I told our own Jason Winter, SWL fans tend to be highly optimistic. But, we hope that whatever Romain does next, it goes well. (Maybe he’s going to hang out with other Secret World alum at Red Thread Games? Speculating here, but that would be neat.) And we’ll be cheering Chris Meredith on in the meantime.

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