Secret World Legends Kiss of the Revenant

Secret World Legends doesn’t launch for another week, but you can still try your hand at … well, something related to Funcom’s relaunch of The Secret World.

You can click on this link to try out Kiss of the Revenant, an alternate-reality game (ARG), which “invites players to take a second look at a tragic love story on the Savage Coast.” It will run until the launch of SWL on the 26th.

Longtime fans of The Secret World will be familiar with the concept, as Funcom frequently used ARGs to promote the original game’s launch five years ago. As before, Funcom is working with gaming studio Alice & Smith, and Kiss of the Revenant includes crossovers with A&S’s The Black Watchmen. When Secret World Legends launches on Steam, there will also be a special edition that includes exclusive in-game items and a copy of The Black Watchmen.


  1. im dying to play this game. its to bad i have to work so much and prolly wont be there at launch. but im def gonna drop some cash on this provided it rocks as hard as the hype says its gonna be. they said they have like 4 years of content to add to it from the original. thats a ton! im happy for this game

    • I started playing TSW when it went buy to play back in 2012, although I kinda fell out of playing it because of how it tried to be too much like WoW with its combat and such.
      Hopefully the new combat, which is more action-based, will bring more people to play this along with experiencing the mystery solving.


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