With only a few older free-to-play MMORPGs on its roster, Funcom’s quarterly financial statement doesn’t typically offer as much to dissect as other companies’. Today’s statement, however, does offer some interesting news regarding a game that used to be pay-to-play, went free-to-play, and now will be (to a degree) pay-to-play again.

Anarchy Online is getting an optional subscriber-only progression server, and it’s getting it soon. “Late February/March ’19” is the time frame mentioned in the financial report, and a full description of what’s to be offered can be found on the AO Facebook page:

Anarchy Online’s 2019 server invites you on a voyage across space…and time! Start fresh with original content from launch, then experience additional expansions and level caps over time. Coming Soon!

That’s not the only big news Funcom had for investors (and players) today, though. The company has inked a deal with Legendary Entertainment and Herbert Properties LLC to create games based on Frank Herbert’s legendary sci-fi property Dune. The deal will see Funcom produce at least three Dune games over the next six years, for both PC and console.

Overall, Funcom CEO Rui Caisas called 2018 “our best year to date,” fueled by a full year of Conan Exiles and the more recent release of Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden. Its other free-to-play games, Secret World Legends and Age of Conan, only got lip service in the financial statement, which you can read in full here or summarized on the Funcom website.


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