It appears Secret World Legends will be getting some new-ish content “soon”. I say “-ish”, because while it’s new to SWL, what was teased on the Secret World Legends Twitter account yesterday appears to be another round of stuff that just hadn’t made it from TSW into SWL yet.

Still, for fans of group content, this should be welcome news.

The teaser tweet includes a gif of five characters standing around Stonehenge — which currently exists in the game as a scenario. Since the launch of SWL, scenarios have only allowed groups of two or solo players to enter. Now, it appears players will be able to five-man them soon.

While most players seem certain that this will just be an expansion of the Stonehenge scenario, they’re not sure if it will just be a bigger version of the Occult Defense or possibly a Seek & Preserve. There are a few pondering whether or not this will be a dungeon, but most replies to that inquiry are 100% on board with the scenario option. It really does seem most likely.

So, as noted, good news for fans of multiplayer repeatable content. Now… If we only had more story.

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