Gaijin Took Your Feedback Seriously And Returned With A War Thunder Roadmap

There are a lot of changes for Spring and Summer.

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War Thunder Spring Summer Roadmap

If there’s something you asked the War Thunder dev team for, you may be getting it. Today the devs posted the game’s spring-to-summer roadmap, listing changes in mechanics, interface, social features, and more. As far as mechanics go, the devs plan to add new tutorial missions for technically complex aircraft weaponry. That’s your guided missiles and bombs with laser seekers, among other things.

For those on the ground, there will be improvements to synchronization of the destruction of objects. The team also plans to add detection of enemy aircraft at spawn points in Ground Realistic Battles.

There are changes planned for the strategy game's economy as well. The big point here is the plan to add research bonuses for new nations. They hope to have that done as part of the second major update this year.

Interface changes include improving the killfeed in battle, adding the ability to enable and disable nicknames, and more. In the second major update, the plan is to add things like a visual selector for secondary weapons and a timer that shows the time left before ammunition hits its target. A new aiming reticle will be added for modern ground vehicles during the summer update.

Finally, in the realm of social features, the team is working on making communication easier and allowing players to dress up their public profiles. One of the upcoming changes will be to integrate the Steam friends list with the in-game client. They will also be adding a wishlist so that players can wish for things and gift items to each other. In the second update, team mechanics will get some love and the ability to search for squads based on interests will be introduced.

War Thunder Spring Summer Roadmap Outline

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