Square Enix and Bigpoint have released the very first teaser trailer for Gameglobe, the new online game platform to be published by the two companies. The 30-second teaser video grants a first glimpse at the worlds players can create and experience with Gameglobe and is sure to whet the appetite for the upcoming full-length trailer. Gameglobe is currently in closed beta and will be opened up to additional players in the coming months.

Gameglobe is a unique browser-based experience that gives users free access to create, share and play their own games and game worlds, or pick from a multitude of levels from other users all around the world. To check out the video and register for the beta, players can head to the official website at http://www.gameglobe.com.


  1. To be honest I kinda like the way this game looks. Yea it will gain a lot of attention from the Square tag, but remember all the games Square made that were amazing like Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series. People loved those games so much. I liked those games so I have a feeling this game will be good as well plus I very much enjoy sandbox games. I liked playing LBP I myself never owned it but I couldnt stop playing at my friends house, and if this game will be like that for the PC then this will be very fun and easy to enjoy.

    • Hey Rinry,Great video. I totally agree, augtolhh FYI…sequels do technically include parts beyond part 2. I believe sequel comes from the work sequence, or series, and therefore SMB3 is technically a sequel of SMB. Not a big deal, just a clarification. A video of Top 5 Part 2’s is just as awesome.

  2. Looks like the disatisfaction caused by roblox’s block graphics and little big planet sidescrolling will be covered with this. Pls let me join i wanted to do this for years. I tried many games but didnt get something like this and even if i got it was not good quality.

  3. I bet it will be fairly popular cause of the animation style and Square tag. Sure there are other create games but not in this style. Most are block games or like second life. It all depends on the few really creative people who will actually take the time to learn it. most will just be players and not creators

  4. Well im a personal fan of creative games like the LBP franchise for the PS3

    But the sound effect in the end just sounded like someone jerking off to something which in my opinion really did not made my hyped for this game

    But anyways nice to see Square Enix exploring the F2P world

    • “But the sound effect in the end just sounded like someone jerking off to something which in my opinion really did not made my hyped for this game”

      This just made my day.

  5. Why would anyone want to play this kind of game more than a total of one day? Plus, we already have Atmosphere which is exactly like this game, and you get very easly bored…I mean you just go and play random game rooms made by players…Nothing really RPGish, therefore no fun.

    • It may not be fun to you because its not a RPG game but many many many people love sandbox games where they can create their own things. Many people only dream of being able to make games and with this they can create a stepping stone to try out the game making industry. Granted yes it is a game where you make minigames, but your still making games that people will play. To mention again it is a Sandbox game and think about the number of people who bought Minecraft and thats a sandbox game so really this game depends on your taste as an online player. So dont say the game wont be any fun you should say it wont be fun for you.


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