Another trailer has made its way out of Gamescom. This time, it’s the update reveal trailer for Trion’s free-to-play fantasy sandbox, ArcheAge. It seems that players will be taking to the seas with update 4.0, which features a naval arena by the name of Bloodsalt bay. Players and their crews will take on giant monsters from the deep reaches of the sea while competing against other crews looking to claim victory themselves.

The video, which features a large sea creature — which I have affectionately dubbed “dragon-whale” — below.

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  1. Trion’s trying to put on band-aids to fix the hemorrhaging. Sigh, as sad as it’s admitting, (and brutally honest) The blood (playerbase) Has mainly spilled on the floor, leaving only a half live body of Archeage that’s covered with content bandages that can’t seem to help it heal.

  2. i’m actually pretty shocked this games still alive this side, Trion sucks & the last i was in there was no one around but the animations.


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