Gamescom continues today and we get to start the day with F2P gaming news as Genshin Impact, the upcoming F2P RPG from miHoYo, revealed a brand new trailer. Having played in the closed beta a few months back, this trailer is kind of surprising to me as it does tip a plot point that most players probably didn’t know. (INSERT MILD SPOILER WARNING HERE) The scene, shown above via IGN, sees “Sister” being informed that her plan isn’t quite working. The cause seems to be “Brother.” When the camera pans down to Brother, you see a companion with him named Paimon.

For those that don’t know, when you start Genshin Impact you will choose to play as either Brother or Sister and the one you don’t choose gets whisked away by what the game presents as the “big baddie.” You then set off with Paimon in search of how to find (and you think save) your sibling. This trailer showed that your sibling may have something to do with the cause of all the problems you have been trying to solve on your way towards finding them and saving them.

Certainly not what I expected to see first thing today, but very interesting!

On another note, PS4 will, in fact, be joining the launch of Genshin Impact with all other platforms on September 28th, so mark your calendars. One month and counting until Genshin Impact launches on PC, PS4, and mobile.

I’ve included the launch trailer below (you’ll likely need subtitles), and you can pre-register for the PS4 launch here.

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