Gamigo Drops Update Intended To Improve Trove’s Marketplace

The ‘Fees and Felines’ update introduces taxes intended to “drive down inflation and stabilize the in-game economy”.

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Trove Fees And Felines

Today, Gamigo takes a whack at Trove’s economy with the ‘Fees and Felines’ update. This update is focused on strengthening the game’s economy and creating a “more robust trading process”. Ideally, players should be able to afford more items than they were able to before.

One of the methods being used to achieve this is the introduction of taxes. As noted in the press release, just like “in the real world”, the taxes “will help drive down inflation and stabilize the in-game economy”. They should also discourage flipping activities.

The update won’t affect direct trading so players wishing to avoid dealing with taxes may want to go about exchanging goods that way.

In addition to the taxes, the update makes other changes to the marketplace. First, it now only accepts flux. Currently-listed pentaforged shadow soul priced auctions will be expired and able to reclaim. Next, players listing an item on the marketplace will be charged a fee – paid in flux. This fee varies depending on the item and will not be returned if the item doesn’t sell. If the item does sell, a 10% tax will be charged.

You may be wondering about the ‘Felines’ part of ‘Fees and Felines’ in this update. That bit comes in via the game’s narrative. A new Nekonomicon tome and Fiona Castra merchant have been added. The Nekonomicon can be crafted, like other tomes. That said, it will take much longer to fill than a normal Legendary Tome. When it does fill, the player will be able to see Fiona Catastra in the Adventure World Outposts and buy Deco objects from her. They’re kinda expensive and bone related so it might be better to buy them from her workbench.

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