Gamigo Celebrates The Season Of Love With Events In Trove And Fiesta Online

Apparently, Hell…er…Heckbugs need love too.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Trove Heckbugs In Love Event 2022

It’s time for a bit of love in at least two gamgio games. Specifically, Trove is celebrating Valentine’s Day with the annual Heckbugs in Love Event and Fiesta Online is kicking off its Realm of Love event. While the themes of the events are different, two things are still true: They’re Valentine’s Day events and there will be rewards.

In Trove’s Heckbugs of Love, players will be able to take part in an 8-step quest chain that takes them to the Geodian Cave Sunken Sunvault. There they’ll find Heckbugs in need of assistance in their own quest for love. Assisting these cute and displaced versions of Defiance’s Hellbugs will earn players a bevy of rewards, including the Heckbug Baby Mount from the 2020 event. Players will also receive Heckbug Eggs, a Heckbug Ally, Crystals, and more.

Participating in the event will also earn players a temporary Heckbug ally that helps fight the enemy Shadow Heckbugs – which will replace Shadow Giants. These nastier Heckbug versions can also be found in the Dragonfire Peaks. Defeating them there – with the aid of the Heckbug Ally – will earn players a Skittering Heart Box that can contain either a Bashful Lovebug Mount or a Dormant Block Dragon Egg.

Trove’s Heckbugs in Love event kicks off today and runs through February 22nd, so get in there and help those bugs find love and get your goodies along the way.

For those in Fiesta Online, Valentine’s Day is being celebrated with the "Love is All Around" event, the main feature of which will be a special Valentine Wedding ceremony that will take place at a currently unspecified time. The developers suggest players keep an eye out for an announcement as to when it’ll take place. In addition, players will also need to seek out Florenz who is in need of assistance locating the perfect gift for Carol. Of course, participating in the event will earn players new outfits, pets, mounts, houses, and – if you do the whole wedding thing – a spouse. The event is available today and will run through March 1 so you should have some time to think about that whole marriage thing.

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