The Atlas Reactor revival is in full swing, and we got some solid details about it today, to go with the slightly less-solid details from earlier this week. Reddit user GamigoMobi, an official representative of gamigo, posted a thread describing the top-level details of the game, now called Atlas Rogues, while a separate thread was created to field the many questions that fans were sure to have.

(One question I have is why this theoretically big news — a new game announcement! — is being relegated to Reddit rather than getting a press release or other news posting on the official gamigo site. It makes you wonder if gamigo isn’t as 100% behind the new game as it should be.)

Atlas Rogues is described as “a rogue-lite, turn-based, PVE tactics game for a crew of four freelancers.” The last Reactor on the planet is about to explode, and its up to a group of freelancers to prevent that from happening. The Trusts oppose them (which makes one wonder why they would want the Reactor to explode) and you’ll need to defeat them to succeed. There’s some kind of time loop at work, so if you fail at your goal, you can give it another go but every time it resets, there will be changes to the mission.

You’ll earn ISO as you complete your objectives, which you can use to unlock new characters, talents, gear, missions, and story elements. You can play alone or with friends and swap out freelancers between each time loop.

gamigo will be revealing more about the game, including its early access plans, in the near future. One pertinent question that hasn’t been answered yet is the payment model. Given its PvE nature, I’m disinclined to believe it will be free-to-play, but we’ll keep looking for updates on the game until we learn otherwise.


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