gamigo’s 4v4 tower defense/MOBA Skydome is exiting closed beta and heading into a free-for-all early access next month. Naturally, that means that the Founder’s Packs that were announced last week are still available, but on the bright side, the Steam Summer Sale means that they’re cheaper.

The packs come in five varieties — Ascended, Krub, Kreg, Sula, and Ultimate — and normally range in price from $13.32 to $83.32. Conveniently, that means that their 40% discounts on Steam make for nice, round prices of $7.99 to $49.99. These same packs have been available on gamigo’s own Glyph launcher for those prices since last week, and given the unusual “regular” prices, you could debate whether the “discounted” prices represent an actual sale or what will likely be the regular price.

In any case, the Steam sale lists July 8 as the last day you’ll be able to pick up that packs at their lower prices (for now). Those will get you into a special access period for pack holders that starts on July 7, while everyone else can get into the game starting on July 14. Closed beta servers will be wiped prior to the early access, offering a fresh start for all players.

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