The company that bought Trion Worlds has itself been bought. Or rather, it’s been more fully bought. And it mostly happened a month ago.

As MassivelyOP noted via the Rift forums, gamigo’s primary shareholder, Media and Games Invest, upped its ownership of the company from 53% to 98% in February. A more recent press release has that number going up to 99.9%. MGI is trying to acquire that last 0.1% of shares, and if it fails to do so, “a squeeze-out of these shareholders will be aimed for.” Sounds unpleasant.

MGI CEO Remco Westermann said that the move will help “create additional value for each MGI share from day one” and that the “integration will enable us to fully leverage the synergies between the companies in our group. We will simplify our structure and be able to operate even more efficiently.”

All that corporate-talk sounds a lot like there will be layoffs, but until that happens, Rift, Defiance, ArcheAge, and Trove fans can maintain a smidgen of hope that their games will improve rather than be simply gutted for parts.


  1. Gamigo are the worst publisher for games in the West. Don’t ever trust them or play their games. And if you must play them, don’t invest money.


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