Genshin Impact Finally Trying To Tackle The Issue Behind Its Limited-Time Events By Making Them Replayable

I mean, it's about time.

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Genshin Impact Limited-Time Events

Genshin Impact has a lot of great things going on. It has a vast story, a huge map, interesting and new characters, and of course, limited-time events. The limited-time events aren't really an issue when it comes to the mini-game aspect of Genshin, creating your own domain, or fighting wave after wave of enemies using pre-selected characters. No, the issue is where the story is involved. Important character development could be completely missed if you join the game late or forget to log in for a few weeks. It is a system that truly destroys world-building for many fans.

It seems like HoYoverse is finally listening to the complaints of their fans, as a HoYoverse spokesperson recently voiced the community’s concerns in an interview with IGN US. It was also mentioned how some players would like to review the story without having to look it up from a third-party source, but rather, from within the game itself.

With the story of Genshin only growing, this would be a great addition. Heck, HoYoverse’s Honkai Impact has had the system in place for some time now. Players can rewatch cutscenes whenever they please. It's honestly a bit surprising that it has taken HoYoverse so long to introduce the same mechanics that have in their other titles.

The idea behind the limited-time event, according to the spokesperson, was to show the character's growth and development through the passing of time. While a nice idea, the issue remains that players are missing important development and sometimes the introduction of key characters for merely starting the game later than others.

HoYoverse is working hard to improve its tech as well as address community issues. Players may have to wait a bit longer, but at least the company is aware of the problems, and hopefully, they are fixed as soon as possible.

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