Genshin Impact Introduces New, Tamer Character Costumes That Are Likely A Result Of China’s New Game Regulations

The costumes are more modest.

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Genshin Impact Character Redesigns

At least four of Genshin Impact’s character lineup are getting new costumes or, according to Reddit, already have in China. Four ladies of the Mondstadt gang, Jean, Amber, Rosaria, and Mona all have new designs that, while fairly similar to their original looks, cover a bit more skin. According to Reddit (and, it’s not the most surprising news), a message from miHoYo to Chinese players indicates the change is to comply with the country’s recent video game regulation changes. This means that while everywhere else is just getting extra costume options, the character’s default outfit has been changed to the new ones. The post also indicates that Chinese players are being compensated for the change. This is ostensibly because everyone else will be receiving the new outfits as an option for free.

For those interested in what the differences are between the outfits, they aren’t exactly the biggest changes. They do things like cover up the chest windows on Jean and Amber’s outfits, put lace under Amber’s short shorts, changes Rosaria’s fishnets to black leggings, and give Mona a kind of short skirt one-piece instead of a normal bathing suit look. Hers is probably the biggest change. It's all pretty much for the sake of "modesty".

The question now is what other changes will be in store for the game. Considering the regulation also banning “effeminate”-seeming male characters or queer-coded characters, and…well…the Genshin lineup existing, it’s likely to make for an interesting period for the game.

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keesasha 2 years ago
Well the easiest way is to have a time skip, and then the guys that look less masculine can get new "manly" bodies without making it seem strange.

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