By most accounts, including my own, Genshin Impact is a very good game, but with bans, censorship, and other questionable practices (not to mention gacha mechanics), should you play it?

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Hong Kong/China Conflict
Taiwan’s Country Status

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  1. “Oh no I can’t spew my political bs in a game chat! = bad game”
    Why would people go into a fantasy world and want to bring in the problems from the real world into it? games are to have fun and unwind, take a break from reality and focus on something else, you can go to a plethora of forums and social media to discuss the smoking dumpster fire that is the world we live in from different points of view.

  2. Ethical? This is the virtual world, do not try and bring earthly politics into the playground, keep that crap for the news and fake news outlets. So some people got banned for talking trash in the online chat, guess what isn’t the first time and won’t be the last.

  3. What about blizzard, trion and other companies? there are tons of games out there far worse than Genshin’s gambling gachas and no one is saying anything about those.
    And this has nothing to do with Ethics, no one cares about America and China’s issues with each other

  4. the game is amazing lol by far the best game launched in 2020. it’s legit botw waifu edition… has the most far f2p mechanics I’ve seen… yes it has gacha but they give u ways of farming the f2p currency that are by far better then any American company could ever hope to implement.

    I also think the bans are justified as they are following the law… plain and simple. is the law stupid? yes… but why would they sink their whole company over a few people.

  5. No. uninstalled, cleaned. wiped.
    Sorry, good game, I never wanted to enter into a controlled world other a 3d one, learning what to do next, and a level up here. propagandized games are what they are. 🙂

  6. No, and the question after a couple minutes looking into silly.

    They are a China based company complying with the law. Their option would have been to move the company and every employee out of China.

    There was a reddit post I lucked onto that makes an excellent point that while they’re banning this in chat, the game’s story doesn’t try very hard to disguise criticisms of the Chinese government and many themes in the game allude to problems that face China (and elsewhere).


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