Genshin Impact Version 3.3 Introduces A Spooky New Festival In Inazuma, And We Get To Find Out More About The Wanderer

Travel to Irminsul with The Wanderer.

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Genshin Impact Version 3-3 Special Program

Early this morning, the HoYoVerse team hosted another Genshin Impact Special Program, highlighting what players can expect in version 3.3. As players who have been keeping up likely expected, the update will offer players a closer look at the Fatu – and one in particular, Scaramouche, now calling himself The Wanderer. If you’re not completely caught up, the stream’s peek at the new version titled “All Senses Clear All Existence Void” could hold some spoilers for you. Although, not as many as previous streams as this one isn’t as long.

This Special Program is back to the regular format with the voice actors hosting. As The Wanderer and everyone’s favorite oni Itto are featured in the upcoming update, their voice actors, Patrick Pedraza and Max Mittleman joined Lumine VA Sara Miller-Crews to discuss it. (Patrick seems a bit sad that everyone’s been fighting him recently.)


The new update will see players travel to Irminsul with The Wanderer, in the next Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: “Inversion of Genesis”, which will pick up with Scaramouche still in Nahida’s custody. In fact, Nahida’s more or less put the Traveler and Paimon on babysitting duty, to make sure Scaramouche doesn’t cause any trouble while they investigate Irminsul.

This is the update where The Wanderer becomes a playable character, so of course, the update highlighted his various talents. He can hover. And we don’t mean using the glider. This is a special ability that uses a mechanic that functions a bit like stamina – in that it can run out. So, if players don’t want to go through rivers, they can just use him to hover over them… Although, it’s also intended for combat, so players will want to learn when is the best time to use this ability and get the most out of it.

The Wanderer

The stream also offers more information on a second character that will be added during the update “Madam Faruzan” Really, just stick to calling her that. She won’t pay attention otherwise. She’s ancient – well, by our standards anyway. There’s an entire discussion about how old characters in this game are and really, compared to some people, she’s still a kid. A hundred really isn’t all that much with people thousands of years old running around. She’s been a mentor at the Akademiya’s Haravatat Darshan for over a century.

As for the rest of the update, a new event is being added. This one takes place in Inazuma and is known as the “Test of Courage Event”. The event will test players with a mini-game. This is a block-breaking game that makes use of character elements. A second event will take place throughout Teyvat and is a race event. Players will race around collecting balloons. The best way to successfully complete these races will be to make sure you’ve built the proper team for each on. Abilities are important. Windtrace is back as well, but with changes. This time, when a player who is hiding is located, they won’t be out completely, but will instead continue to play as a “ghost” laying out distractions for the seekers. And yes, a new dungeon event is available as well.

Madam Faruzan

The stream also offered a look at the new card game explaining the basics for players. Oh yes, and codes. There are codes. As always, you need to use them before the day is out.


Genshin Impact Code 1

Code 2: NS8BD6EPS77Z

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Code 3: ET9SUPENB765

Genshin Impact Code 3

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