Following a successful GDC, Skyforge developers The Allods Team have revealed two of the upcoming classes available to players in the sci-fi fantasy MMORPG, the Cryomancer and Paladin.

Like its name suggests, the Cryomancer is the perfect class for those looking to get a little frosty. A science mage of sorts, the Cryomancer uses a portable crogenerator to cool the air around them in order to form all manners of deadly icicles and arctic storms. A few of the Cryomancer’s touted abilities include the “Cryonic Pulse, Icy Missiles and the Ice Statue”.

On a more traditional note, Skyforge’s Paladins wield large swords in one hand while holding a powerful seal in the other. How a Paladin holds such a large weapon with one arm is anyone’s guess (divine strength?), but the Paladin uses these items with forceful grace to both smite his enemies and inspire nearby allies. Their abilities reflect this with both defensive and offensive moves such as “the Righteous Blow, Seal of Light, Punishing Bolt and Celestial Shield”.

Skyforge was recently announced as a collaborative MMO effort between The Allods Team and highly acclaimed RPG developer Obsidian Entertainment. The MMO is scheduled to begin closed beta sometime later this year.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. it looks like TERA five minuets into the future with plenty of “inspiration” from never winter, with the cryomancer sort of looking like a blend between teras orcerer ad neverwinter’s control wizard. also that seal on the paladin looks like nw’s priest

  2. looks like it will be action oriented like TERA but with better enemy reactions, like vindictus. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but i don’t want a WoW clone or point and click game. free aim is much better.

  3. it looks less Russian-themed, unlike Allods and the sole reason i dont play Allods, i like the Russian language and playing the Russian version of Allods was awesome, especially if you play as an orc, but how everything looked in the Allods world (Sarnaut) it sucked so bad for me, because i live in a country with shitty communist architecture and playing Allods felt just like that

  4. Knowing the allods team, its probably gonna take £500 to have that kind of gear in the pictures, but who knows, maybe they changed

  5. Well game looks impressive and those 2 classes look magnificent but i wont say anything specificly until i tried it myself or at least until i see some gameplay/first look for it

  6. So the cryomancer rips hard on Neverwinter’s Wizard, which rips on Warlock back in the SNES days. Nothing new under the sun.

    • Yeah because everything up to this point has pretty much been done. I dunno what you ever expect to see in games these days because you can always look back and find whats been done already. Days of originality are over. Sad but true.

      • Not when it comes to everquest next where you can mix any skill with any other skill in any class.

        Will be the only mmo worth playing for the next decade.

        • Word of caution — Things never turn out as good as they sound. Getting hyped up will almost guarantee to let you down. Hype is always exaggerated. Sony always loves to talk big.

          • Sony always delivers on the initial project, then they do not listen to the community and mess up big time, then spend the next 10 years trying to fix it.
            It is what they do.

            EQ Next will be amazing when it comes out and continue to be amazing reguardless of how bad they mess up the classes or balance.

            Destructable Terrain
            AI that changes
            Open sandbox world

            I am absolutely tired of being told what my character can and cant do, where I have to go, and how many wolves I have to kill.

            Never forget – Star Wars Galaxies
            The only true sandbox mmorpg to exist.

      • you can have a battle mage – one who enhances his weapons and armor with elemental power and fights like a warrior with heals like a paladin or druid

        • Certainly up to you. lol. Otherwise we can all just stop worrying about all the petty stuff and just start enjoying games for what they have.

          • Sadly most games these days just have petty stuff and pretty stuff, that is it.

            Most games are an ocean to explore with the depth of a puddle.

          • Most people don’t even explore the oceans these days. They skim across the top and never dive. Example being people rushing to level cap and finding themselves bored because they barely touched anything else in the game. People don’t just sit and enjoy games anymore. It’s all about a race now and i’m not surprised people aren’t having fun anymore.

          • im not sure if you understood my statement or you just posted a comment for the sake of posting one


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