Waframe fans! Here’s some good news for you, even if you weren’t able to make it to TennoCon in person. Digital Extremes announced today that it will be giving everyone who watches TennoLive on Twitch the Ash Prime Warframe for free. The stream will begin at 3 PM Pacific tomorrow (Saturday, July 7) and will wrap up the annual gathering of Warframe players in London, Ontario.

This is the first time the Ash Prime Warframe has been obtainable since May of last year when he went into the Prime Vault. And now, all you have to do to get him is to make sure your Warframe and Twitch accounts are linked and tune in to watch the show.

Be certain you’re logged into Twitch while watching and watch for at least 30 minutes. I mean, if you’re gonna tune in, you’ll probably just want to watch the whole thing anyway. Right?

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  1. Apparently there were so many people logging in to watch Tenno Live on Twitch that they kind of got overloaded keeping track of everyone who watched the stream for the appropriate amount of time to get the Ash Prime, so they just decided to give one to everyone who logged into Warfame with a linked Twitch account in the past 7 days. Which is seriously just another example of how the game devs spoil their players, especially when you consider that the Prime frames usually incorporated some significant grinding, or having the components purchased for platinum through in game trading or as part of $70+ bundles.

    Because I logged in and have a linked Twitch account I have an Ash Prime despite my not watching the stream live, I also just realized that I have a Twitch Prime account because I subscribe to Amazon Prime so I got a free Trinity Prime in the same week, even though I had previously purchased a prime package with her in it. I am flush with free stuff from them, not to mention the Excalibur Umbra you get for free from completing the Sacrifice which is actually better than it’s Prime counterpart, which I also have as a founder.

  2. Why on Earth are we them amuricans still using that idiotic time table?? You’re making it so hard for people outside the US to figure out what’s when!!!

  3. To me it’s more like : Dev:: Yoo Senior Player (who owned Ash Prime for sale) no more free platinum for you.

    anyway godly riven for 3k, who doesn’t want it


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