Get A Look At TERA's Upcoming 30-Player Raid With A Walkthrough Video From The Devs

QuintLyn Bowers
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One of the biggest features set for TERA's upcoming Fang and Feather update is a 30-player raid dungeon that will require a lot of coordination in order to make it out alive.

In the Harrowhold raid, 30 players will take on four dragons at once. Raid groups will need to communicate and coordinate effectively as this isn't a case of simply downing one dragon and then taking out the next. See, it gets a bit tricky in that if there is no one in each dragon's "zone" they will begin to heal each other. However... You can't just stand in one dragon's zone the entire time, as doing so results in stacking debuffs that will eventually kill you.

You can watch the full video -- featuring CM Spacecats and QA member Israel -- above.

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Discussion (3)

pppoe 7 years ago
So... after getting problems with more and more lags... now they're introducing the biggest lagfest ever? Most people complained heavily at 20 ppl raids and 30ppl events were always a cancerous lagfest... Once this is out i'm gonna check the forums just to witness the drama lol.

Piepinky 7 years ago
Hmm.... I wonder if people going o work together in this raid patch?

asd 7 years ago
More like 1fps raid

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