Get Ready, Because EverQuest 64-Bit Servers Are Coming Next Week

It’s taken a bit, but they’re almost here.

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EverQuest 64-bit Client

Back in November, Daybreak announced plans to convert EverQuest to 64-bit servers – and update the clients appropriately. Of course, that kind of thing takes a bit of time, so I’m sure none of you expected it to happen overnight. The good news is, the wait is almost over. Soon players should experience fewer “out of memory” client crashes and other related issues.

Yesterday, the EverQuest team announced that players can expect the change to go live next week, on February 15. This does mean downtime. In fact, they’re expecting about 8 hours of it. During this time, they suggest that players make sure their systems are ready for the new client – although, they believe most of you should already be covered. Still, they ask that everyone go over the original announcement from November and double-check…just to be sure. They don’t want anyone missing out because something was overlooked.

For those who want to be really sure they’re good, there is an option to check out the test server now.

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