Get Ready To Celebrate The Year Of The Dragon In Final Fantasy XIV

Heavensturn is just days away.

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Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn 2023

The new year is almost upon us. While we don’t know everything that it will bring, we do know that means we have another opportunity to get some sort of goody in Final Fantasy XIV. This year, it being the Year of the Dragon and all, we’re going to get a cute little companion.

On December 31 – the same day the Starlight Celebration ends – Heavensturn will begin in the MMORPG. It will last until January 15 and during this time, players can head to Limsa Lominsa and visit with Ryu Metsuke who’s looking for a little help.

Of course, we have no idea what kind of help he needs, but we do know what he’ll be giving you as a reward – a cute little chocobo hatchling minion that apparently thinks it's a dragon. Or, at least someone decided it’d look really cute in a dragon onesie, and it does.

If you missed out on previous Heavensturn events, a special vendor will be offering some of those items for purchase. The others are likely available on the game store.

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