SWTOR's Shadow of Revan Expansion Coming In December

Star Wars: The Old Republic gets a bad rap — most of it deserved — for its free-to-play implementation. For a limited time, however, BioWare is offering a great deal, giving players access to the first two expansions for free.

From now until midnight Pacific on Nov. 6, players can enter the code REVANRETURNS on the SWTOR code redemption page to receive the expansions Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan. As an added bonus, you can also use the code KOTORSPEEDER to receive the Kakkran Daggerstar speeder mount. More information on these giveaways can be found here.

These giveaways coincide with the launch of the RPG that started it all, Knights of the Old Republic, on Xbox One. Director of Design James Ohlen penned a letter to fans to talk about his joy in working on Star Wars games, which is “something I am thankful for every day.”

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  1. In case you guys don’t understand how it works on Game Development world I’ll give you simple explanation:
    – ONLY DEVELOPS [in our case it’s BIOWARE] the game and gives it to PUBLISHER [in our case it’s EA].
    – DECIDES if the game goes P2P, B2P or F2P and can change his mind billion times until game SHUTS DOWN.
    – Tells WHAT to do and HOW to do if DEVELOPER wants his game to stay published.
    – if he’s not satisfied with MONEY income. he SHUTS DOWN the game.
    So cut that crap out blaming BIOWARE over and over again if you don’t get a crap how gamedev wheel spins.

    EA never thought about players, the only thing they ever wanted was MONEY.
    Probably none of You ever heard of MMO called Warhammer Age of Reckoning that had a good potential [especially in graphics and animation compared to WoW and Lineage 2 of that period].
    But Mythic Entertainment got EA as publisher and game didn’t even go F2P…they just closed if after 2 years of r*ping the game and players sucking out very last drop of blood of the dead game body.
    Same goes with NFS series. EA is an official Publisher for all games and they fight New Dev team almost for every game of the series…not a constant team that would be a professional in the racing game development and look for new things to add into the game instead of cutting them out and copying most common and easiest aspects.
    Bioware wanted to giveaway Mass Effect 2 with ALL DLC through their web-site last year. But EA stopped that giveaway less than 1 hour after it started and later made their own giveaway of ME2 in Origin with less than 50% DLC [of course storytelling DLC haven’t been included cuz it’s MONEY].

    Think twice now who you are throwing a stone at.

  2. This game is where the F2P developes should look for avoid some of the worst mistakes you can do when launch a F2P game or turn a game to a F2P model, one of those mistakes are put the story mode behind a pay wall, with make the whole game looks like a demo


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