Get your game face on, Warface Closed Beta Starts Today

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor Posted:

On an episode of Foreign Friday way back in August of last year we gave you guys a sneak peak at Crytek's first ever Free-to-Play endeavor Warface. Back then the game was only available in Russia where it garnered over 5 million players in just a short time after release. Despite all the text being in Russian and my ping being slightly above the threshold of absolutely awful, I enjoyed the FPS. I fancied the games PvE mode in particular, which heavily relies on players working together as a squad traversing multiple pathways (some accessible only with a squadmate's help) and fulfilling specific roles needed in order to overcome the surprisingly difficult AI. Now the semi-futuristic FPS is finally making its way to the US with publishing help from Trion Worlds.

As of 9:00am PST this morning the game has gone into closed beta where it will stay until the game´s official launch this Spring. Players will access the game through GFACE (seriously what´s with all the face references) which is Crytek's new snazzy social entertainment platform. Why they feel the need to add another platform for me to launch games from I have no clue.

No word yet on how many players gained access today or how quickly Crytek plans on adding more waves of players to the beta roster. If you haven't already done so you will need to sign up for a chance at a beta invite by entering your email on the official site here.

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Discussion (75)

baido 10 years ago
You can not write in English in this game . i have username 01.01.1997.

miron4ik 10 years ago
Woooohoooo i got invintation :)

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Crowmaster 10 years ago
i can trade firefall keys for warface keys.!

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zoren 10 years ago
still havent been invited after a year of signing up for warface and signing up for gface :/

ken 10 years ago
mmobomb you guys rock please get some beta keys, I realy don't want to wait until march to play this game, official release is spring, 2 months away lol, you guys gave me torchlight 2 come on with warface beta keys lol.

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massakilelr13 10 years ago
lol that is 2freaking awsome i need code and english part video btw its realy nc pvp/pve game!!!!!!

Cory 10 years ago
Stop asking for keys. There are no keys to give. This is the first round of invites and they are very limited.

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Hallow559 10 years ago
I just hope I get into the beta ... want to try this one out.

ken 10 years ago
this is a kick in the sack I registered for the beta almost a year ago with two email addresses and still no beta key man crytek hates me lol.

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lordsjors 10 years ago
lol i had a beta invite yesterday was worth getting that beta signup from the start :D

Inuyasha 10 years ago
Well i play the RU for now it works for me fine and at any graphics no lags
the game is amazing each day's diffrent misson's and it's awesome some time they are hard
you need a teamwork to survive a PVE cuz it's Hard alot so for all who wait for this game for now start with RU version don't wait untill you get the code or something that to play US version i hope i helped you all in somthing :D

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marioparty96 10 years ago
I registered to their community months ago...

I didnt got a mail, that i can play... are they kidding me?!

Stalkerski 10 years ago
i dont know how to gett the game now can somebody help me i have reqisted butt nothing happens

Dan 10 years ago
Played it Yesterday in EU :D

Pretty nice game , Very optimised :D AAA Game :P

Hope it will not become a Pay 2 Win (since u have PVP too)

trasher™ 10 years ago
peopel ho will play this game!!!
need new pc!!!
lags, lags, ....

erterter 10 years ago
wow another mmofps. looks like same old sht

no thx bye

beta key 10 years ago
Send me beta key

ulysses00 10 years ago
can somone plz send me a key i have bin w8thing for almost a year now

Kimwer 10 years ago
I played the Russian beta, have to say, it's not as good as it looks.

Kingsanx 10 years ago
COD wanna be.... seriously. Where's the originality?! At least its F2P and online ect. Kinda different but still. Gdi lol i'll give it a try.

Hyrikk 10 years ago
I play for a long time exactly my father and I was playing the game all the very best of her mission is especially well done and do not have much money in the game imposes unlock new weapons and items and play

Heart Pure 10 years ago
Glad I signed up to GFACE those many months ago. Game is busy loading :)

Chaos_Fury9 10 years ago
I signed up for the beta when it was first available, which was March 8, 2012. Now I have to sign up again, due to the new GFACE shenanigans. There goes my early chance to enter the beta. When did this GFACE thing start? Today? Last Month? 3 Months ago?

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agentmonkey231 10 years ago
lol i was playing the russian version this whole time, just w8ing for the beta to come out here

zaku1233 10 years ago
the game is awesome! i got into the gface closed beta a few months ago and then today i got into warface. i dont like that the game runs through the browser though (not sure if i was allowed to say that, oh well) its also pretty weird to see a browser window with cryengine 3 graphics being rendered in it

Cacalips 10 years ago
I have been playing since over a year in RU. It is not good. It is really bad. Some highlights and I dont have time for details but:
1) The buddy hoist system just replaces ladders as it is in SPECIFIC areas and serves at NOTHING durring pvp except to get shot fast, and all hoist points are not stratigic but usually just for snipe points, and it everyone knows it, and snipers life expentancy once up there is 2 seconds.

2) Classes are broke. It is liked they were in the middle of making a BF2 game and gave up and threw people into a zergy dime a dozen FPS. Medic is useless as everyone spawns in less than a second after death (just left click and you spawn, it happens so fast sometimes you are still shooting, and then split second death, and you still clikcing ot shoot and respawn). Now, 1 sec respawn + a medics revive paddles that take 30 seconds to charge. Tell me, you going to sit there for 30 secs, and wait for a spawn or just insta spawn and run back in less than 2 seconds (because small zergy maps) the math, it is stupid and FEELS stupid and broke. I Can go on with engineers and the fact every one slides and 1 knife shots after level 15 (because you power up to tank build).

3) maps small and zergy. PVE is cool for a change BUT TO LATE. If you want PVE, go play single player game or play WarFrame. This mode feels like other fps PvE aspects but you just slide more... not a difference.

4) gear and item unlocks are pretty fair, cash shop pretty fair (ru end), selection of weapons not that great, and really, success of fail depends on who zergs the most. End of a year, I still give the online award to, SADLY, PS2 and AVA. Nothing to see here folks.

DL it. Try it yourself. YEAH it is Cryengine...but dat game play = makes you Cry.

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matt 10 years ago
i signed up for this stupid closed beta like a year ago, and still waiting.

JensenBeach772 10 years ago
is it easy to get a key to play?

Curst 10 years ago
Are there going to be IP blocks? I' can't wait to see it's how it's going to work microtransaction-wise after using horrible Russian cash shop (because in RU Warface there's no other way to be competitive). And I'm afraid I'm not the only one. If there won't be any IP blocks you're going to se ALOT of Russians on EU (and maybe even NA) servers despite the uncomfortable ping and language barrier.

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sheepx07 10 years ago
Can't wait for a giveaway guys! Make me proud *.*

tidycatt666 10 years ago
I got in today. yay. fun game. I was playing on the russian servers. Everything is in English now. YAY. lol

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ZhaoYun 10 years ago
Well thats awesome i was waiting for this game to be released in english since thie video was uploaded by spunk.Hope i can be able to get into beta

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James 10 years ago
I've been for this game since 2012 Spring and now I can't wait till it actually comes out! Let alone get into the beta !!!


spell 10 years ago
this is a P2P or F2P? im waiting for quite a time for this to release :) 1st mounted btw ^^

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Spammie 10 years ago

Youtro 10 years ago
Can anyone send me an invite/code/ what the f ever makes me play this.?!.!
looks badass O_O

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