Monsters On Ice: Get Your Holiday On In Neverwinter Starting This Thursday, December 14th

The Winter Festival of Simril returns to Neverwinter

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Neverwinter Winter Festival of Simril 2023

The Winter Festival of Simril is returning to Neverwinter this Thursday, December 14 beginning at 7:30 AM PT. It runs through January 4th.

During the MMORPG's event, you can take part in the Twilight Run sled race, or go ice fishing for some fish Vanity Pets. Neverwinter players can also stop the threat of the "Monsters on Ice" event. Collect Light of Simril and Stars of Fortune to trade them in at the respective vendors for some cool rewards. Players can obtain the Reclusive Rothe mount and the Riotous Rothe companion pet.

Other rewards include the Starlight Fashion set, Baby Displacer Beast companion, Frozen Gorgon Mount, Broom of Twilight mount, Slugs vanity Pets, and assorted transmutes.

Other previous Star of Fortune items can be found in the Zen Market, including the Winter Fox Companion, Winter Flail Snail, Frozen Throne, and Frost Mimic.

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