As part of their ongoing reinvention of Ghost Recon Phantom, Ubisoft has implemented a new matchmaking system designed to take into account both the player’s skill and now also equipment. The change is geared to ensure players, particularly newer ones, are not unfairly matched against those of equal skill, but whose equipment is superior. New players will now also play against other green individuals until level 8 up from 5.

Speaking of equipment, players may feel relieved to know Ubisoft is squishing the gun tiers by removing tiers 1 and 2 altogether. Now new players will automatically begin with tier 3 weapons (now tier 1) and may work their way up to the new tier 7 cap. Coinciding with the shift in weapon tiers, Ubisoft has announced weapon prices will be “significantly reduced”. Weapon customization is also being fleshed out more, with the introduction of stock and barrel options through the game’s new “ModMaster System”.

As Ghost Recon Phantom nears its April 10th release on Steam, Ubisoft will be rolling out further updates aimed at improving the game’s visuals with enhanced lighting and a new artstyle. For more info on these changes and Ubisoft’s overall vision for GRP check out the video below:

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  1. most don’t know what team work is I see it all the time you have to be blind not to,
    they don’t cover properly. they sprint out in open like a complete idiot. half the time in gso
    they just play wackamole and bob there head up and down.
    don’t bother working together to and press
    why we don’t see CSO or CSO2 hear in the states go play COD 50K players in TDM
    around 5K in SND
    most americans do not like objective based modes all they care about is Kills and their KDR.

    soliderfront 2 is probably the only one i have seen that has people playing the objective based
    teammodes. all most every other shooter in the states is infested with TDM rooms.
    they just don’t care at all about there teamates. i have learned to never trust my team to
    watch my back in this game they only care about self gain.
    I have learned to use them to my advantage instead.

    • Team deathmatch is popular internationally, this isn’t a phenomenon localized to North America.

      Often times, it’s because developers fail to make objective game modes worth playing/fun. TDM is simple and fairly easy to implement and not screw up. It’s also the most accessible game mode for casual players (TDM is the same in every game basically, not much to learn on how to play the game mode)

      Either way, you are cherry picking here by pointing out TDM in COD. There’s plenty of Americans that are playing rush and conquest in Battlefield 4 (conquest being hte most popular when I last played) and there’s plenty of Americans playing as a team in 5 on 5 basketball in NBA2k14 (just a couple examples of the many available).

  2. if they making those changes i may actually consider going back see how this game has improved i actually enjoyed this game a lot but mm was shit so i left which is pretty hilarious cause i ended up playin a game similar to this which also has terrible MM(WOT)seems i cant escape horrible MM can i?hahaha

  3. this game is full of stupid people, they have know idea how to play the game they just sit and hide dont bother to cap uninstall the game if you cant play it right noobs.

    your terrible if you think you need to look for a corner to hide behind.
    no one playes a game like that fps or tps, maybe in COD where all the children camp all day
    but this game is not COD it takes skill and above all teamwork!

    sadly this game could fail in America because Americans don’t use teamwork nor do they know how to play objective based game modes just run around like its TDM
    unless they are a tight knit clan good luck seeing teamwork.

    • Pretty sure you’re terrible if you aren’t using corners/cover to your advantage in a third person shooter. When I played this game, the first thing I did when I was capturing the objective was hide behind a wall, then I proceeded to use the camera to see if someone was coming. Go play world of tanks and tell me again how no one plays a game hiding behind corners in third person shooters.

      The idea that Americans aren’t capable of teamwork is just nonsense. Stupid gamers and selfish players live in every country of the world.

    • 1st.) You’re a moron, a charlatan and should be burned at the stake for your witch craft (harharhar sarcastic)

      2nd.) Saying American’s don’t know how to work together as a team is foolish. See our money in every country? See us charging you for oil? See us putting our troops wherever the hell we please? See us messing in other countries affairs and even getting them to listen to what we have to say?

      That is not a single man’s work good sir. That IS team work.

      ~Brought to you by “Get a sense of humor you dead children in the dumpster internet”

        • i do agree with u that specificly saying americans is really racist but other than that

          2nd.) Saying American’s don’t know how to work together as a team is foolish. See our money in every country? See us charging you for oil? See us putting our troops wherever the hell we please? See us messing in other countries affairs and even getting them to listen to what we have to say?

          as far as this goes u almost make it sound like americans are angels which i false dont get me wrong europians aint any better.Overall i dont get what that has to do gaming wise and why u bring it up but i guess u in that “u said something bad about me i will defend my country from u,u monster” mode

  4. the game is like fkin chess, hiding allways and waiting for shoot someone, and cant see your hand while ironsight…. and shty blue lines with your mates that you cant turn off…. just hate this game, waiting EXTRACTION

    • Pretty common for 3rd person shooters that you are always hiding. Too easy to see around corners so basically everyone ends up looking for a corner to hide behind or a short wall to crouch next to.

      I think 3rd person camera is pretty cool for some singleplayer games but I haven’t really played a mutliplayer one that I can really say I liked.

      I actually installed this one today just to try it out, I remember playing in beta and not liking it but I figured I would try it again to see maybe some changes have made it fun. Still didn’t like it but the game seemed of good quality nonetheless. I just can’t stand the gameplay in multiplayer 3rd person shooters. That and you can’t jump for some reason unless you are vaulting over a wall.

  5. It’s surprising that Ubisoft cares about this game at all and it’s shocking that they’re legitimately trying to address source of the P2W sentiment surrounding this game. From the way they usually talk down on PC gamers, you’d think actually they want all of their PC games to crash and burn.

      • To anyone out there that is reading this, the update was a farce. This game still isn’t worth your time. The matchmaking is still as broken as ever and the overpowered (and monstrously overpriced) premium items are still in the game. Stay classy Ubish*t.


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