As a new beta kicks off, the people behind Gigantic step in front of the camera to talk a bit about the challenges they faced in bringing Motiga’s MOBA to life. In addition to talking about the usual work of building a game, VP of Product Development James Phinney opened up about some of the other issues that plagued Gigantic’s development:

“It’s no secret that Motiga ran into some financial difficulties this past year, and everybody here knew that those risks existed, and they had to start thinking about contingencies… What if we don’t get to finish this game?”

As Motiga Founder and CEO Chris Chung puts it, it was the people who kept coming back to him, even after they’d been removed from the work force, insisting that they wanting to be a part of the game. “Everyone wanted to stick around,” as Phinney puts it.

Chung also puts forth that the definition of MOBA is changing, that it’s not just about “lanes and towers” and that the literal definition of “multiplayer online battle arena” applies to Gigantic. It’s a subject I and others have nibbled around the edges of, and it’s interesting to see an executive offer his take on the label.


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