Gigantic Sirens Strand

There’s another closed beta scheduled for Gigantic this upcoming weekend, and this one promises to be… decently sized. Sorry, ran out of “gigantic” puns.

The beta runs from Thursday at 9 a.m. Pacific until Sunday at midnight. It’s open to all players who previously had access to the game, but you can still sign up and hope to get your chance to play here. Each account will have eight heroes unlocked: The Margrave, Tripp, Voden, Xenobia, and four random heroes. There will be just one map up for grabs, the frigid Siren’s Strand, and there’s no NDA.

If you can’t get in to play, Motiga will be streaming the game on its Twitch channel, as well as inviting its most dedicated players to take over from time to time. You can get full details on the beta on the Gigantic site.


  1. Overwatch is leading right now followed by Paladins, little is known of Battleborn and Gigantic is already late to the party…what will happen next?

  2. Really bad timing… Battlefield 1 and civilization 6 comes out this weekend. Will probably find time to check this out as well 🙂


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