While the officially dropped date for ArcheAge‘s release is vaguely set for “2014”, there is no doubt that things are moving forward for the sandbox MMORPG. Three founders packs entitled Silver, Gold and Archeum are now available on the official website, and anyone interested in diving into the game early can now make their claims for both Alpha and Beta testing.

The Silver package grants Beta access, 2,500 credits, 4 day patron head start, the title of founder, 30-day patron status, as well as a basic experimental glider. Gold also grants Beta, with the benefits of 7,500 credits, title of “Traveler”, 60 day patron status, some helpful stones, a spiffy looking Glass Phoenix Glider, and also a classy set of Desert Assassin Platemail.

Those looking for the no holds barred, all inclusive experience should look no further than the Archeum package, which includes both Alpha and Beta testing, with a total of 11,250 credits, , the title of “Trailblazer”, 90-day patron status, 6 daru chests, stones, potions, reagents, the Glass Phoenix Glider, the Desert Assassin Platemail, all topped off with a fancy founders cloak to represent all of your support.

Beta testing is set for some time in June, and all of these packs and their information are available through Trion Worlds, and also through the official site.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Played the Russian version a month ago to understand the hype thats going on for a while now…
    The gameplay is so bloody outdated and boring… The only thing even remotely interesting was one of the generic skilltrees with one or two nice animations and skill synergies.

  2. I’d understand if this was a new game, but it isn’t like a previous comment said i’d easily throw 150 @ bless or skyforge but not a game that’s about 2-3 years old

  3. So for fifty dollars more (making it 150 bucks), I could heal my lazy ass pet, create a crest that say “Mounted Yo MaMa! Babby!!”, and a red cape to say “Watch me fly like super man” while I run a cliff. Freaking awesome, i’m soooo sold.

  4. I fell off my chair laughing so hard at the pricing.

    If anyone actually buys into testing this game, they’re completely insane. I imagine the beta will have like 10 morons spending most of their time ingame wondering where everyone else is.

    If this was a revolutionary new MMORPG with an exciting new concept and idea then MAYBE…MAYBE it would be worth $50 for beta access. But a fairly generic looking F2P MMO? That has GOT to be a horrible joke.

    • I would toss my money at Bless and Skyforge, but since they aren’t released yet, i’d give it to a lady that uses drugs at the corner of my block. Its much more satisfying than giving these guys 150 bucks for giving them a piggy back ride instead of looking for more investors.

  5. its not about money dumbass its about the future of the game if they started it like this with 150 USD for a damn FP then u can imagine how ingame mall will look like smart ass

    • If it’s not about money, why are you worried about the in game mall? You know a typical game price is $60, right? This is ten dollars cheaper, and not even required. It doesn’t suggest even selling power. Hell, all it looks like is collectors editions. Like it or not, games are a business. People work for that company and have to get paid, and if they do so by selling subscriptions and cosmetic items, who cares? It won’t affect your personal experience at all.

      Furthermore, get a job, hippy.

      • So its normal for you to pay 60$ for 3yo games…i pay 5$
        And ppl are paying 60$ to play CB and get a mount and some vanity 😀

        • You sir do not know how many fallacies you have in that argument. A game is usually 60 dollars when it comes out, I.e Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Titanfall, Borderlands 2 etc. And their “collector’s edition” is around 100+ similar to Archeage’s more expensive options. Yes some collectors edition in other games do give you a statue or some sort of physical item, however there are collectors editions of games without physical items. It is not necessary for a collectors edition to provide you with any sort of physical item; it depends on the company itself. That should address your shitty “get a mount and some vanity” argument. Secondly, it may be 3 years old in Korea but you don’t live in Korea do you? So it is not new here. Another example of this would be Elesis from Elsword that was recently released; it may be old in Korea and other Asian countries but it’s relatively new here. Your argument on time frame is invalid unless you live in an Asian country with Archeage already relaxed. Lastly no one has paid 5 dollars for new games. I garunteed you when your fat fingers pressed buy on amazon for call of duty, you paid 60 dollars. You’re welcome retard. Enjoy ignorance!

  6. Its not worth the money for pixels they have gone mad and trion worlds is a bad company money hog game is old too i’d rather wait for the open beta

  7. let me tell you something guys trion is almost a broke company they r on the verge of extinction and they took archeage as their last hope to rise again but what they dnt know is that things like this who make ppl realy angry and lose interest in games or just trying out the game and move on …. what i want to say is dnt expect some extarordinary work from them they r and always llok after ur dollars with the jokes of the free to play model …. srry for my bad english cuz im french

  8. Game was released as closed beta what,3 years ago in Korea?
    This is promising…promises to be a wallet skill based game.
    No thanks.
    Getting really tired of this Korean games that are only released in EU/NA when playerbase starts descending in Korea.The excuse is always the same,localization.Movies and TV shows are translated in a few days in hundreds of languages,why games take more then a year to translate to English?Other excuse is monetization model.If a bunch of people that know the product cant decide within a week the best business model for that product i cant expect them to make any decision when game is live.

    • Way to oversimplify things. If it was as easy as you seem to think it is then ya games would be released so much quicker but yeah its not that easy. I don’t ever remember seeing error codes pop up during movies… but they certainly do in games.

      • The only thing that makes it harder is that text is embeded in strings of code,normally between “”.They have to scroll alot of code to find the text.
        Just replace text between “” from Korean to English,as long as it doesnt go beyond max letters its all good.Not a reason for bad coding.
        The real reason why they delay it so much is because they use this hyped titles to bring some attention to the other games they have.

  9. As another member remarked here, the models do really look outdated and I dare to say: ugly. The screenshots they officialy provide are no match to the game, which looks ugly and the auto targeting system is something that makes me puke when it comes to MMOs wanting to be revolutionary.

    I don’t even know..It has some very interesting features like guild castles, personal houses and naval warfare that really sound amazing, but their basic features are dissappointing.

    EQ Next is what I’m really looking forward to, that if we’ll have all the features Landmark has + some of its’ own.

  10. pay to play in alpha and beta for a sure wiper after?
    people crazy or something ? this game already exist in asia and russia fouders pack thing seems little ilegal to me…
    and if you like to test/try the game you can always go RU version with english patch , so much fail Trion so much fail.
    and to finish , thks to this founder packs stupidity game will be delayed even more cause they wanna squish the more money possible before open….. FAIL

    • Same concept as any early access, as the game gets balanced and content added characters become useless and I encourage the level playing field at launch. A ton of people were perfectly happy after buying in to the PoE beta and even donating to the game but I think they should also try taking non paying applicants in slowly so there will be honest references and opinions like they did on poe and not just a bunch of white knighting from people who bought in.

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            Consider yourself…STILL MOUNTED!!!



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