Black Eye Games has released some new gameplay for their upcoming realistic medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis. The footage should do a fairly good job of giving you an idea of how the Mount and Blade inspired MMO will play despite the obvious pre-alpha animations. Players will be able to engage in weighty non target based combat where damage is determined by the angular direction of the attack and distance. The video shows an assortment of weapons and armor and emphasizes that players are free to become proficient in all weapon types without any class restrictions.

There really hasn’t been a true low-fantasy medieval MMORPG in well, I can’t honestly remember. Naturally, the Mount and Blade series and Chivalry have shown developers there is a desire for tactical sword and board combat, but it has always remained within session based gaming. From the way things are shaping up with Gloria Victis, this could be a welcomed tactical MMORPG with large emergent gameplay perhaps resembling some elements of open world games such as DayZ.

Gloria Victis does not currently have a release date, but if you want to find out more be sure to check out the official page here.

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  1. When i was a kid i always dreamed to become a knight saddenly we live in a world that techonology has influence our lifes seperate of each one of us Now i cant be the knight .But alteast i can pretend that Im

  2. The best part is that the developers will have a very good resume if they ever apply for a job in a game company.

  3. looking from the graphics the atmosphere this is exactly what i need to play!!!Still though this things changes a lot when they come to relese it….Just need to wait and see but still looks prety good!

  4. PvP

    You will fight for glory during the knight tournaments. Besieging enemy castles and participating in crusades will yield you riches and power. Fight your adversaries and get back the lands of your forefathers.


    The world of Gloria Victis is inhabited by four culturally-distinct nations. Each of them is a reflection of a nation that actually existed in the medieval ages.

    Classes and Professions

    Class-less character system allows to create and develop a unique and special character. Decide who you’re going to be.


    Decide for yourself what your story is. Take a side in the everlasting conflict, join and order or follow your own path.
    What else do you guys want them to do ?

  5. Sounds good what they talk about but when it comes to the actual game that’s another thing.

    Always never understood why classes are weapon locked e.g Conan the Barbarian was originally a ‘Thief’, he swung a heavy sword for the win…….

    Sadly I get the feeling if it does even release it’s gonna be out of date (gameplay, maybe even graphics), even companies with cash behind them seem to be bundling out of date games to the table

  6. I’m actually impressed to see how good this already looks Pre-Alpha, especially considering that they have no external funding. I’d definitely like to try it out, and hell it already looks better than Mortal Online 😛 lol

  7. Pre-Alpha = Better than OK.

    But when it goes to beta, this game must be face paced. Those animations are just ultra crap. No difference from click and attack.

    Need combos, better action and stuff. Looks cool !


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