When you call a new Warframe the “golden avian of destruction,” it better be really cool. That seems to be the case with Zephyr Prime, coming to Warframe next week, along with its requisite weapons and accessories.

In addition to Zephyr Prime itself, the upcoming patch will also bring the Tiberon Prime rifle and Kronen Prime blades to the game for players to unlock. On the accessories front, you can earn the Commodore Prime Suit, Tibor Prime Armor, Tibor Prime Gene-Masking Kit, Kavat Incubator Segment, and Kavat Starter Kit. All of the relics and blueprints you’ll need to build the new Warframe and weapons can be found in-game.

The Zephyr Prime patch comes to PC and Xbox One worldwide on March 20. PlayStation 4 releases are spread out from the 20th to the 22nd, depending on region. You can find more information on the Warframe site.

Update: From now until March 28, you can log into the game to pick up an Excalibur Dex skin and includes a unique Warframe Skin for free, as well as other loot by completing alerts.

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