A new update has hit Skyforge’s servers, bringing with it a variety of changes — and one new addition that should make PvPers happy. As of today, players can now take part in what is known the new Golem Battle PvP mode.

Golem Battle is a single corridor map with buildings called Repeaters at each end, producing groups of Golems that will assist their team of five members in attempting to destroy the other side’s Repeater. Both are protected by four towers. It’s a scenario we’re all familiar with.

The mode also features a variety of mechanics designed to make it more interesting, such as using Golem kills to generate a strengthening aura for Repeaters and especially strong Golems with regeneration auras. Another mechanic called “Smoke Zone” involves an area of the map covered in a thick cloud that can’t be seen into from the outside, offering cover to players looking to ambush the other team.

The new map is able to be played today, and those interested in the full notes on the patch it came with can read them on the Skyforge site.

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  1. boring repetetive shit, with super shit matchmaking, you need to sit in chat and shout montyths to finnd team, also ITS A PAY TO WIN from criminals beggars and poor scammers!

    • From the screenshot it actually looked fun in my opinion. But they always make it look fun in the trailers and advertising and when you get into the actual game it’s boring and lame.

    • do you understand the definition of pay to win?, it literally means you have to pay money to get some stuff you can not without the money, As a founder and player since beta I can confirm this game is very much PLAY to win, everything in the game can be archived with in game currency(obviously except cosmetics which do not count since they do not make you stronger), it just takes longer than those who pay(DUHH). Know your facts before spreading false information and stop new players from trying the game for themselves


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