Behaviour Interactive — with a “u,” because they’re Canadian — today announced 19 classes for the four races of their upcoming open-world Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade action MMORPG.

While the game as a whole won’t be free-to-play, there will be a F2P option, limiting players to the Ork faction. That sounds a little restrictive, and we’re not sure how it’ll work in terms of factional numbers balance, but we’re sure they’ve got a plan, right? Right?

Anyway, here are the classes:

Space Marines
Tactical Marine
Assault Marine


Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Space Marine
Aspiring Sorcerer

Dire Avenger
Fire Dragon
Dark Reaper
Swooping Hawk
Howling Banshee
Striking Scorpion

If you’re wondering why the Eldar have more classes than the other races, Lead Designer Brett Ellison explains it as the Eldar having very specific roles as “a unique flavor of their Eldar Aspects,” while the other races can more easily customize their roles on the fly.

It all adds up to look like a pretty interesting experience, and we’re eager to see how it all works out, especially the free-to-play aspects. You can learn more about the game, which is due to be released in 2015, or sign up for beta here.


  1. So the game is btp, it currently states that you can be a ftp ork but progression will be slower than if you btp and play ork.

    What is sad to me is on the website it says ‘war is coming end of 2015’, that’s too long for a hype train and is not a good thing

    • Well you can’t forget between now and release there are going to be various testing done to the game, so inevitably this is how its going to be. Plus there are probably people who actually give a flying donkey turd about the game and have been following the game since its announcement.

      • Well it might not be 19 classes, it may be five or six classes with a different titles for each race. Devastator, havoc, loota, and dark reaper, for example, are all heavy weapon classes so they may share the same skills.

        • I doubt it. Firstly, PC players are quite fed up with space marines, because they’re everywhere. Secondly, only orks are going to be free to play (even though I’m still not sure how it’s going to work or even if they’ll go through with it at all), so there’s going to be ALOT more orks than anyone else. Slow-leveling orks with horrible gear. Which actually doesn’t contradict the lore. XD

    • Their site sais there’s at least one more unannounced race. I hope it’s not battle sisters though. They’re too selfrighteous and boring (female space marines with a massive Joan D’Arc complex, meh). >_> I’d love to see Necrons or Dark Eldar, since they are very rare guests in PC games.

        • I don’t think they’d let us be Necrons, for the simple fact that the Rules of War in the table top forbid Necrons from working with the other races (they’d much rather kill us and use our corpses to create more undead cyborgs). It’s more than likely going to be the same route they did with the Tyranids, where Necrons are a PvE event.


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