Mad King Thorn is coming back to Guild Wars 2 for the Halloween season, bringing with him the usual assortment of cheesy gags and holiday-themed content, new and old.

The Reaper’s Rumble, a MOBA-like game mode that premiered with the first Halloween festival, is making its way back to the game for the first time since its 2012 debut. Also on the way is the Mad King’s Raceway, a race using the new roller beetles that is set in the same area as Reaper’s Rumble. Players who have kept up with the Living Story, through Episode 3, can also examine the long-running rivalry between the Mad King and the not-so-long-lived lich, Palawa Joko.

Rewards for the new (and old) content include a ghoulish trio of new weapons, a syringe-like dagger called The Cure, a lightning rod sword called Soul Conductor, and a butcher knife axe called Revenge.

The festival arrives on Oct. 16 and runs through Nov. 6. Learn more about all the activities on the Guild Wars 2 site.

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