Guild Wars 2 PvP Lobby

Get your PvP group together and prepare for automated tournaments, coming next week to Guild Wars 2! Starting June 20, ArenaNet will add what it’s calling “the new peak of player vs. player competition,” giving coordinated teams the chance to compete together in single-elimination tournaments for fun and prizes.

Those prizes will include qualifying points, which players can collect to participate in monthly tournaments. Other high-quality loot includes the Glorious Hero’s armor set, as well as Mystic Coins and llama minis for winners of monthly tournaments. You can even get your character’s likeness sculpted into a statue that will grace the PvP lobby entrance. Maybe they can get Eir Stegalkin to — oh, wait, I hear she’s um … “unavailable.”

Speaking of the PvP lobby, it’s undergoing a few cosmetic changes of its own, such as Champion’s Rest, a lounge for the best PvP players with access to various amenities. You can read all about the new PvP experience on the Guild Wars 2 site.

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