Guild Wars 2 Lets You Play The Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta Now Through December 3rd

Get your hands on some new weapons for your class.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

GW2 Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta Today

Guild Wars 2 classes are each getting some new weapons they can use when battling the foes of Tyria. Starting today, you can play with these new weapon proficiencies for each class in the Weapons Proficiency Beta that runs between now and December 3rd.

All accounts in good standing, including play-for-free accounts, should have character slots marked as "Beta". Clicking on these Beta character slots lets you create any of the nine classes in the MMORPG and experiment with the new weapons. Note that these characters will disappear on December 3rd at 10 PM PT.

Here are the new weapons you can play with for each class:

-Guardian: Pistol (main and off hand)

-Revenant: Scepter (main hand)

-Warrior: Staff

-Engineer: Short bow

-Ranger: Mace (main and off hand)

-Thief: Axe (main hand)

-Elementalist: Pistol (main hand)

-Mesmer: Rifle

-Necromancer: Sword (main and off hand)

Keep in mind that this is a Beta test, so there will be placeholder UI, art, and audio for some weapon skills.

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