Legendary items in Guild Wars 2 are … well, pretty legendary, and soon the means of storing and storing accessing them will be just as amazing.

The Legendary Armory will go live next week, and ArenaNet detailed how the system would work in a post today. After the patch goes live, your account-bound legendaries will go to the Legendary Armory, which will be easily accessed by any character on your account who can equip the items. The Legendary Armory is a free update and it will accommodate any future legendaries that are added to the game.

You’ll only be able to add a number of copies of a single legendary equal to the number you could normally equip on a character. Since you can swap between two sets, that means four copies for weapons that can be dual-wielded, and two for everything else. ArenaNet acknowledged that there were a very small number of players — “approximately 0.008%” — who exceeded these figures and that it would reach out to those players personally to resolve the issue.

The Legendary Armory update comes with a few other bells and whistles, including the ability to transmute legendaries for free, quicker template swapping, visual effect toggles, and “a little more fanfare” when you craft a legendary, giving you info about its origin or history.

The Legendary Armory will go live on July 13, along with the Twisted Marionette, as promised in the GW2 summer schedule. And if you’re one of those people who has more legendaries than will fit in the Armory, might I suggest logging off? If only for a few minutes?

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