Guild Wars 2 Players, Rejoice! "What Lies Beneath" Takes You on a New Adventure

What lurks beneath the surface of the Jade Sea?

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Guild Wars 2 players have much reason to celebrate as a new adventure in Cantha is now available in the MMORPG. The adventure, titled "What Lies Beneath", has players rejoining the Commander and their allies as they work together to help Cantha recover from the events of 2022's End of Dragons.

This new content is free for all players who own the expansion and features new rewards, a new story, and a new map called the Gyala Delve. The location features the map-wide meta event, The Jade Crisis, which challenges players to coordinate their efforts in order to combat a new threat and ultimately discover the source of a mysterious illness that could threaten the hard-won stability of Cantha.

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As players explore they will need to join forces with the Commander and their allies to investigate the strange behavior of the Jade Brotherhood miners. What they discover may be far more sinister than previously anticipated as they encounter the effects of the mysterious illness. In order to combat this new threat, players will have to work together in a brand new map-spanning meta-event.

However, it's not all about fighting evil and saving Cantha. Players can also earn new rewards, including a new Luxon weapon set, a holographic cape, and the Grinning Tahkayun Mask. These rewards, several other achievements, and weapon skins await all who can face the challenges of "What Lies Beneath."

For more information, including the free download of the core Guild Wars 2 game, please visit the game’s official site.

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