Guild Wars 2 Seeks Balance (And Tengu!) In Next Icebrood Saga Update

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Guild Wars 2's third chapter in the finale of the Icebrood Saga is called Balance -- I won't get into the full name, which is silly long -- and it hits servers a week from today, on March 9. As the trailer describes its chilling premise: "Whole villages of innocent people, just frozen, mid-step, for hundreds of years to come." It sounds like someone's invented cryogenics in Tyria; now they just need to figure out how to do space travel so they can colonize other worlds.

The trailer shows off new Dragon Response Missions, which were introduced in Chapter 1. Now the tengu will fight by your side as allies, as Jormag attacks the Dominion of Winds; three other factions will join players over the next month. There also appears to be a new mastery that allows players to create an ice bridge over water or land, as well as the usual batch of new cosmetic rewards.

And there's a solo mission featuring a very pissed-off Braham, who wants to bring about change so that the Elder Dragons stop plaguing Tyria, a concept that ties in nicely with the name of the upcoming expansion.

Learn more about Chapter 3: Balance on the GW2 site.

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