Nothing spreads the holiday cheer quite like smacking someone else in the face with a two-handed sword, right? That might be the thought process behind today’s Guild Wars 2 update, which brings Wintersday back to Tyria, in addition to providing PvPers with a new season and a slew of changes to their favorite activity.

We reported on the PvP changes last week, which include better matchmaking, new skill measurement, and a new rewards system. You can get the fuller details from the dev blog on the GW2 site.

Also included in today’s patch is the 2016 iteration of the Wintersday festival, GW2’s annual Yuletime activity festival. It runs until Jan. 10 and includes all the usual activities, as well as a chance to earn “fanciful new holiday weapons.” Ooh, fancy!

You can view the full patch notes on today’s update here.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Its a bad game. Its full of Trading post bots and veteran players hoarding everything and making simple items you want to buy from the trading post ridiculous expensive. The pvp is very toxic and unbalanced. Too many walking through wall hacks, fly hacks, etc. dont waste your time. Also everything is pretty much locked unless you commit to buying the full purchase.

    Devs dont care and many people have third party software allowing them to snipe your gear for an advantage or just harass you in raids for not playing “meta” classes and gear

  2. You call this garbage “free to play”? the only thing why they made this game free to play is because they are in need of popularity to buy their expansion why else would they made it free to play? And he’s right it’s just like the swtor marketing scheme only a little bit less worse i don’t like buying something that is supposedly to be a “free to play” i can buy games i don’t like companies that make their games from buy to play to free to play only to buy the new expansions, it’s just like a simple scam

    • This Guy FDAF is trolling, and game is 100% free, only expantion that cost, base game 100% free no limits! 2 hero sloths, best mmorpg there is F2P..

      • Becareful of what you say it’s kind of misleading and no it’s not it’s not even in top 5 and yes in it free in some ways but not 100% story expansion isnt free the new gears arent free and can’t be bought or attain by free players revenant isnt free and the elite skills and elite professions isnt free so no not really a “free” game, it’s like the marketing scheme of swtor only less bad.


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