If the weather this past weekend wasn’t enough to chill your bones, ArenaNet’s got an even chillier reception waiting for you now in Guild Wars 2. Living World’s Season 3, Chapter 3 installment, A Crack in the Ice, is now live, taking players to the far reaches of the frozen Shiverpeak Mountains to confront the minions of the Elder Dragon Jormag.

This story chapter takes players to a new zone, Bitterfrost Frontier, and teaches them a new mastery tier to combat the elements. There’s also a new Nightmare Fractal based on the old Tower of Nightmares content and featuring mechanics inspired by “bullet hell” video games. There’s also a new legendary shield, Shooshadoo, and quality-of-life fixes in World vs. World.

You can unlock access to the new chapter of the story simply by logging into the game at any time while it’s the most recent story chapter. Meanwhile, the Heart of Thorns expansion is still on sale — 50% off — until tomorrow, Nov. 22.

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  1. “immersive open world” but the rest is that you HAVE to BUY IT you’re right this game is a false hope for free to play players

  2. A game that gives free to play players false hopes about the game being 40% free something you have to buy the expansions(like WoW and swtor) Now i can buy the game entirely i just dont like the balance of it the only reason why they made this game free is because of their failing market let’s face it they didnt make it free to let people enjoy it(free players) they made it free so it’s popularity grows then make people think to buy the game not really a good scheme for a “free to play” game.

    • It should have stayed BTP so we wouldnt have to deal with crybabies likle you… Did you try to play Free content? They even said core game is free and it IS without any exepctions… Read before crying pls. 🙂


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